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Stop dreaming first to start fullfil your dreams!

Posted on: July 4, 2009

Hi guys,

Sorry so long no post on this blog, yeah last time I’m so busy dealing with life.  I’m married now, on 31 May 2009, the wedding ceremony was perfect, it’s true because feedback from our friends and guess they love the party, it’s all arrange by my wife from A – Z, you know our job as a man just give approval and prepare the budget…  hahaha… Now my life feel more completed, so married is not too scary when you prepare all the things well.

I’m sure for some people getting married is one of  their dreams, of course not only married, but we have others dreams too… So what I wanna share right now is how we can achieve our dreams? I’m sure you have some idea or other great experience about that, so please share here then hope we can help others.

From me, I don’t know when but I’m realize that somehow it’s good if we can stop dreaming… yeah I’m not joking or lying, just stop dreaming! if you really want get one of your dreams come true. Here the logic, we all knew that we have so many dreams, yeah so many then become too many… then we lose control or forget exactly what we truly and really really want… then it become a habbit, dreaming and forgeting… so that’s not good right?! because somehow you will not achieve anything and just keep dreaming…

We can have many dreams, but please bear in our mind, as a human we are very limited… sometimes we don’t have much time, we don’t have much money, we don’t have much options, we don’t have great skill, we only have one brain and two hands… so we should know we can achieve all our dreams but step by step…

So that’s why now I’m realize that we must filtering and prioritize our dreams… for example I have a dreams opening a coffe shop or dog shop, now I’m realize I will not do anything to achive that dreams now, then I focus to another… something more real and I wanna / must start doing right now… then your habbit will be change, you are not a dreamer, but you are executioner…

And even when you failed, you will saving time because you know that dream is not working for you and you can go to the next level… the other good thing is you got an valueable experience, that must be priceless!

It work fine with me, hope work fine for you too… have a great life! 🙂


7 Responses to "Stop dreaming first to start fullfil your dreams!"

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Hi Andy,

I agree with you, at our age we have lots of things we wish to achieve, same like you i have tons of dreams. Only few have managed to be fulfilled, but not as effective and fruitful as i expected. I think at this point having priority is the most effective approach. I am looking forward to see your dreams come true my friend and please share the success with us 🙂 All the best.

Couldn’t say I agree with you on this ;).

I guess because I don’t quite believe in limitation. When we started thinking about “our limit” – that’s the moment we put ourself in the box.

That’s why I never use words like “Thinking outside the box”, for me: “Throw the box, start thinking”.

If I put myself with the limit, well – who could guess I will end up in the Big Apple :).

So yeah, I guess we both picked a different approach to life. I picked the limitless boundary. It works for me so far too.

Anyway, you are what you are so even though we have differences, I wish you a great life!

Cool share boy.

That’s why I hope everybody can share their experience here.

We all have different journey of life so we must be have different way to conquer. Let’s find our best way!

Start from our dream then start action… event though we are executioner

argh…suka banget….jadi berasa sangat tercerahkan ^^ lama aku nggak berkunjung lho ternyata masih konsisten blognya yach

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