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Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Tips

Posted on: February 14, 2009

wedding-ringHi Guys, first happy valentine days, let’s spread love around us to make a better world.

13 Feb, some people think it’s not a good number, you know 13 or 4 or 666… or any other superstitious bad things. but I think it’s totally didn’t work for me… because 13 feb 2009 me and my fiance have a plan for pre wedding photo shoot and it’s running smooth from start till the end.

So I wanna share some tips for you guys, hope your next pre wedding photo shoot will be smooth and great like us. Here we go :

  • Ask and listen your vendor.
    Normally pre wed is a package with your bridal vendor (wedding gown, make up, pre wedding photos, etc) so we can have consultation time with them, don’t hesitate to ask anything with their team, meet your make up artist, ask about what style will be the best for you, especially laddies. if you have a complete pre wedding photo shoot like indoor and outdoor, you will change your dress and make up many times around 3-5 or more.

    That’s way you must ask and have a plan for your make up/dress style. If you have outdoor session in some place, ask them about additional fee, acomodations, food suplyy, weather, dress style recomendations, how long the session, etc.  Ask anything and write on your note for important things. And you can meet your photograpper & crew, ask them about the style, pose, dress, theme, etc.

    The point is if you can have your own idea, it would be good and it would be more great if you can share and discuss with them first. So you guys will be find the best preparations for that moment.

  • Collaborate with crew.
    For photo shoot at least there will be a photographer, an assistant and a choreographer, so meet theme and collaborate with them. If you have something to say, just share it, they will and must be listen and make the best for you.
  • Read news and watch the weather forecast.
    My outdoor session is on an island, we need to take a boat first, so I try to read news and weather forecast about the situation on that island, just to make sure everything is safe, nice and fun.
  • Share, ask and listen your friends.
    You can share with your friends about your plan, it’s a happy moment, your friends will be happy too and want the best for you. They will share if they alread done it, like my friend remind me to bring sun protection on Bidadari Island, eat vitamin C at least 3 days before to maintains our fit body, don’t drink to much on the night before because it can make your face a little bit puffy in the morning, sleep at least 8 hours to prevent black ring on your eyes, etc.
  • Make a list things.
    You will bring a lot of stuff, it’s like a vacation trip with photo activity, so better you create a list to make it easy prepare A-Z. So in that day, you will not panic because you forget this and this.
  • Supply and prepare your body.
    You will have all day long photo shoot for out door session, and trust me it will be very tired, you will climb up the tree/wall, walk quite far to find the best spot, tanning with hot sun shine, the weather could be so windy and rain on the beach, so make sure you supply your body, with vitamin, suplement, break fast, lunch, energy bar, etc. So you will not drop on the middle of session, ’cause if your body drop, you face will look pale, your eyes will not shining or even you can not smile, and we don’t want that happen on the one in our life time moment right?!
  • Set up your mood.
    You guys will be married, so feel the happiness, feels like you are the lucky couple in the world and yes it’s true indeed, forget about other things, forget your busy jobs, problems or anything that can ruin your mood. If you hear or anything bad happen before the day, leave and forget that. Release your stress, put big smile on your face.
  • Listen and follow the photographer.
    Give a trust to your phorographer, h/she should be an expert on that jobs, so just listen and follow their instructions, but if you have any objections about the pose or anything, you can talk and discuss again anytime. They will and must be listen to you too. If you feel doesn’t like with the photographer/the style, tell them from the first time and search another photographer, your vendor maybe have more than one a photographer.
  • Always support your partner.
    Don’t complain small thing/anything on the day and take care your partner, pre wedding photos is about you and your partner, so always support your partner to make them happy and enjoy the moment, no matter the condition as long as you can support her/him, h/she will be happy and your photo shoot will be one of the best moment on your life.
  • Have fun and let it flow.
    There is no wrong pose, wrong photos, wrong dress, wrong moment or anything, just let if flow, your photograper will take hundred or maybe thousand your photos, so just let it flow, foll or funny moment will be make your day better. Just have fun enjoy like you have a great vacation.

That’s all, if you have more tips, please share with us and hope your pre wedding photo session will be great and yes ofcourse the wedding day, life after married and forever!


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so much hassle..
i wanted ours to be unique, which is difficult with people’s creativity & restricted budget.

so i came up with the idea to use 1 pic from each year we’re together, got rejected by the vendor ‘coz the pics were such in low quality (well, it wasn’t meant to be a public display the time it was taken) 🙂

The schedule time must be followed otherwise this could be the start of hassle.

very nice tips,..

If you really love your partner and you are sure to spend the rest of your life with him/her then no matter how tired you are, you should be generous to spend that day with her/him.

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