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I’m not Online Social Networking Addict

Posted on: July 6, 2008

On Jakarta maybe Indonesia everybody talk about Facebook right now, before that maybe friendster & multiply, my space is not too accepted here since myspace more focus on band community and the offline event on other country. And maybe we also knew others like Hi5, Linkedin, etc.

Many friends of mine spent so long there, update their profile everytime, post bulletin, messaging, comment on photos, and other things that looks fun… I’m noticed that on average, I’m only spent arround 1-3 minutes. what i’m doing just check anything new threads on groups that I already joined and check some messages or accept request from my real friends, that’s it then close or ignore the page.

I create the account on many site, but normally I just check the feature, the technology, the concept, etc since it’s correlated with my own freelance jobs as online business consultant.

we call Internet user behavior, of course every people is different, I spent a lot on reading section, either blog or news on my interest things, and a little writing, and spend the rest on IM (instant messaging), watching youtube (not for now since my connection is suck) & check email.

I just wondering am I a little bit anti-social?… hope not since on my daily jobs I always & need meet some people (new or old client).

how about you?…

ps : the funny things is it’s my job to selling the ads some of that site… (Friendster & Facebook *soon)


3 Responses to "I’m not Online Social Networking Addict"

*ikutan inggris juga :P*

you’re not anti-social, but you’re a man that use the time well.
many people use their time only just for seeing, commenting other people’s profiles and chatting through the comment/testimonials, like there’s no IM facilities available for them.

saya juga gitu kok, liat, ada comment, bales kalo perlu, tutup, mnding browse blog orang2 deh…

agree with your friends comment above.
ur not anti-social ndy,..ur just dont spent tht much time on tht site 😀

guess, its me your talking about yaa..

g jg membahas ttg ini di blog-blogan g lohh..
*tp blog yg tidak serius nampaknya..

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