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27 = Double Lucky!

Posted on: March 17, 2008

Last Friday, on 14 March 2008 is my birthday, now I’m 27 years old! Ugh… honestly I hate being old and older, but what can we do?… time goes by, life must go on… For me 27 means double lucky… because 2 is double, 7 is lucky right?… and 8 is perfect, so this year 2008, I believe will be one of my best year! *as always eh?… optimis!
I just want to share my happiness to you… “Keep moving forward!” that’s what I do now. Saya terus “berlari” dan “berlari” mengejar target dan impian, tidak peduli rintangan, gangguan, hambatan, masalah, dll… just keep running! tentunya tidak semudah itu, terkadang kita harus “berhenti sejenak” untuk “menarik napas” ketika merasa “lelah”, atau ketika merasa menemui “jalan buntu” tidak ada salahnya kita “berhenti, berpikir dan mencari jalan keluar yang benar” terkadang juga kita harus memutar atau bahkan memulai dari awal, toh kehidupan seperti Maze bukan? kita bisa tersesat, kita bisa juga sampai di tempat tujuan yang kita inginkan, bisa lebih cepat, bisa juga lama.

Goodluck my friends! 🙂

PS : I forget to wrote what makes me so happy on my current birthday and also want to say many Thanks for all of this :

  • My girlfriend Tatha give me a nice surprise with nice and yummy Strawberry Cheese cake and nice present too, thanks honey… hope for the next and next and next year we always can celebrate together. 🙂
  • Her parent give me a BIG surprise with BIG present too… Thanks om & tante. 🙂
  • My office colleagues give me a nice and yummy Triple Chocolate cake… I’m really appreciate that friends! (Peter, Vinca, Doris, Esther, Jason, Faried, Andre, Wijaya, Didit, Yolis and also Parman)
  • My CEO company give me a surprise SMS from Singapore… wow that’s nice surprises, see he is a real nice bos! I’m really appreciate that he remember my birthday and also I’m sure others birthday.
  • A lot other things that makes me happy too, like my house is 95% finished, just wait for the kitchen set…
  • My current jobs… although is really “challenging” but I love what I do…
  • Mika & Luna… My cute dogs that always make me smile when watch their behavior… and also I think Luna is pregnant… (Mika you are a bad dog!… :p )
  • Basically I love my life… I’m really grateful about all of this…
  • And you guys… for read this blog and share about anything…
  • And of course God… nothing to say, He is the One that makes my life full of happiness…

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Selamat Ulang Tahun, semoga tercapai apa yang di cita-citakan.

Setiap tahapan umur, akan mendapatkan kebahagiaan, tak perlu takut tambah umur.


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