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I Won Samsung K3 MP3 player… :)

Posted on: June 14, 2007

K3B elieve me or not, I won Samsung K3 MP3 player… So lucky eh?! 🙂 at 11 June, I got an email from Samsung staff at Singapore, the subject is “Congratulation from Samsung K3 Shine Buddies Contest! You have won a Samsung MP3 Player YP-K3” honestly, automatically I want to delete that email, because usualy email like that is a spam / hoax…

But when I look the sender is, and then I try to check first, and then I got the second email, so I remember I have a connection with Samsung Indonesian staff, so I asked her about this email, and she said that is true, and then we arranged next week to collect the prize.

Here is the spesification Click Here and if you want to try your luck, Click Here ! 🙂


3 Responses to "I Won Samsung K3 MP3 player… :)"

wew congrats bro, how lucky u are… this is a cool MP3 players indeed, I think better then IPOD, tried before

wow… udah di terima barangnya ? mau mau mau huhuhu

belum tuh, besok lusa… 🙂 btw g ngga cuman ngambil hadiah besok, tapi sekalian ngelobby Samsungnya… :p
masa sih Wi lebih bagus dari iPod? tapi sebenernya yang lebih bagus dari iPod seh ada, seperti produk Sony misalnya, atau Microsoft Zune, cuman iPod dah keduluan beken n udah jadi trade mark mp3 player yang mendunia banget… buat g pribadi sih apa aja selama ngga bikin sakit kuping…

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