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1st morning with Mika & Luna

Posted on: May 18, 2007

Mika Luna

Guess, what the difference betwen Mika & Luna? yes you right, Mika with a white strip at her face, and Luna with a black one. Today I start to teaching them, first is Mika, like I said before, he is very naugthy, with a big & brave explore instinct it’s hard to train him, but good enough for the first training because he already knows the “Sit” command and about “No” warning. I’m a little affraid with his condition, because since yesterday, he is not eat anything yet, I try to change the dry dog food Pedigree to wet food in the Can, but he still the same, maybe tonight I will bring him to doctor (animal specialist)

And then Luna, she’s so smart, cute and very disciplineable, she’s already knows the “Sit” &”No” commands, and then she can play “Catch and Back” with small doll. She’s start eating food when I change to meat can one.

By the way, last nigth I bought Combantrin, because I thing Mika & Luna must eat Combantrin to prevent too much worm at their body. (Did u know human also must eat that every 3-4 months?)

Now they are already in the cage, because I’m tired… hahaha.

Mika Close Up > Mika and Luna < Luna Shy


4 Responses to "1st morning with Mika & Luna"

wah ndi, kok duduknya kaki blakang ngangkang ??? ayo di training supaya pinter ^^

Anjing kalau duduknya enggak bisa tegak atau ngangkang artinya .. waktu kecil banyak di gendong – gendong atau di pegang – pegang ^^ hahahaha…

Jadinya kurang bagus, Anjingnya lucu tuh, kupingnya bisa buat kipas – kipas :p

iya, anjingnya lucu banget… jadi gemes…

@wiwi… tau tuh suka ngangkang, apalagi sekarang udah gendut banyak… dah kegedean perut…

@pitshu… bisa jadi, kemarin pas g foto mereka lagi pw juga seh… 🙂

@denhurd… sekarang lebih lucu, gendut dan lebih sehat… 🙂 g nya yang kurus ngurusin mereka.

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