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Mika & Luna

Posted on: May 17, 2007

Guys… Finally I have Beagles, let me introduce them…

at left is miss Luna : she’s so beautiful, has a long bristle eyes and very “Lentik”, her eyes is very mellows, she’s smart & cute.

And then the handsome one is Mika : The bad boy, very naughty and super playboy.

Came at my house this noon, and they already “pub” every where arround my house, and make my wallet slimmed because I must bought them a new house, toys, foods, medicine, shampo, and other instruments, but I’m very happy because I have new best friends.

Now they are already sleep, maybe tired, me too, did u know how hard the journey when bring them all from the owner to my house? at car they want to jump everywhere, and then “pub”, pee and the worst is puke… maybe because we have a long journey, approximatelly 2 hours…

Tomorrow I must clean their body with “Detol” antiseptic, but I can not bathe them, we must wait maybe 2-3 days for adaption, and then clean again their ears using alcohol, last time I used “minyak kayu putih” and looks they don’t like it because after all they feel very itchy and maybe because a little hot… And I must train them hard for the basic things like “Sit, Stay, Sleep, Up, Roll, Shake Hands, Toss ” etc commands.

Ok, see u tomorrow…

Luna & Mika

ps : I remember, last time I wrote about my wish that I want have Beagle Dog at 17 January 2007, and today my wish come true! 🙂


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I have a dog too, her name is Happy, a yellow labrador. She is here with me in SF. I have 3 other dogs back in Jakarta. One dalmatian (pedigree) and two “kampung” dogs. 🙂 I’ll post Happy’s pic on my English blog I love beagles, by the way.

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