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Hectic Week

Posted on: May 5, 2007

Ahhh… Finally weekend, hope this afternoon I can play futsal with my friends, miss kick the ball so much… Anyway this week is very hectic for me, since one of my friend at office on medical leave because he got dengue fever, hope Peter the “Harry Potter” get well soon. Usually after I closed the deal one project, Peter take the rest, he is the best for Account Trafficing. So Peter, if you not getting well soon and still missing in office action I will get stress syndrome…

I chat with my friend, she’s going back to campus, take the master degree (S2) cool rite?! Honestly I want too, but I can not make it now, there is a lot of problem if I want take mastery, like time, money and maybe  the biggest problem is my own motivation. I don’t know, since I work I feel so lazy if I must hardwork but can not get money like study hard, doing research for task, etc etc. blah… But I will! I must put that thing on my dream… target or dream?… dream, I realized I will not on that way in this year.

And then I meet with one guy, his name is Pitra, he is from Stratego company, the founder, we talk about marketing, branding, promotion, gaming, etc. He is a good guy, and I’m one of his blog reader (I think iI’m already put that link on Good / Funny Site, Media Ide Bajing Loncat.) We are noticed that Indonesian internet user is still growing and growing, since there is not much research for this market, the advertiser must do trial and error more often if they want “Buzz” online media especially here.  Hope we cant talk more Mr. Pitra

Hmmm I lost my word now so thanks. 🙂


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