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Thanks God one of my target achieved…

Posted on: April 28, 2007

Hello guys, now I feel so happy, because one of my target for this year succesfully achieved, you can check my target and dream list here and now I can streak out number 7 🙂 and hopefully I can streak the others soon. I’m so lucky, now my current achievement arround 169%, and I still have 3 potential project for this third quartal, hope I can closed and make a good deal for all of that project and my graphic achievement will be “whusss…” like a rocket! hahaha…

At the same time, now I’m happy, but I feel afraid too, I’m affraid the next quartal I can not reach like this quartal, because we all know maintain what we already got is more difficult, and it’s meant I must reach more and more if I don’t want to look my graphic jump down like a rollercoaster. 😦 So I will must fight more harder and harder next quartal!

This story also proved what I read at book & said before at the OrangeDream pages :

“Did u know write our own short or long term target is good for us? it can be a guide, motivator, tracker and make sure you walk at right path easily to get your purpose. because of that, better if we can read very often, or u can share with other, don’t be affraid or shy if you couldn’t get at the end, it’s still helpfull because u can know what’s wrong with our life and then try harder next time.”

so I think you can try, because nothing to lose my friends. 🙂

Talked about my job, I wanna share my desk at office, here it is…

My Desk

Look so messy eh?! but believed it or not, my desk is the most clean & neat compare by my friends :p because I didn’t put anything at the table, no stationary things, so if I go home there is just the telephon and the trophy.

The other things, for the last 2 week every saturday / sunday, me and my gf go to Villa Melati Mas Tangerang, we are searching for a house, not a new one, just a second-hand, because the price of the new one is very expensive, and the other things is we will customize the model of house, and because there is 2 people in my family is an civil & architec engineering, I can ask them to help build my next house with my own style.

After we are search and look 3 – 5 house, I’m interested with one because the price is worthed compare by location, basic pondation and structure, size of land and bulding, and we want to negotiate with the owner, but today the owner not at home, so the process is pending until next week, hopefully next week we can meet the owner and make a good deal for that house.

ok that’s all, by the way today no futsal, because all my friends go to Bandung… blah… I miss make a beautiful goal!


4 Responses to "Thanks God one of my target achieved…"

first thing i notice on your desk is the bread talk bag, then pocari sweat.. well, you know, being pregnant makes me hungry all the times hahaha. tapi rapi juga loh mejanya…
waah udah cari2 rumah bo! Ditunggu ya undangannya soon…

@mey > hahaha… how’s your pregnant? I hope everything is ok, can not wait to see Chan/Mey junior… :p

Hehehe lagi lihat2 rumah, mo nekat, abis kalau ngga nekat ngga dapet2, mumpung lagi giat cari duit… 🙂

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