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TMNT Movie

Posted on: April 14, 2007

This Friday I watched TMNT movie at cinema, what is TMNT by the way? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, one of favorite movie when i was a child 🙂 actually is a flat movie, and my recommendation if you want to watch it, just buy a illegal dvd, I think because we are going too old to watch movie like this… :p

But the 3D is quite good,  I just don’t like the expression of their face, I think the Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael (their name) should be more friendly and funny, I don’t know in my imagination the TMNT team should be more fat, absurd and a little dumb and in that movie their expression face is like a bad guy… just look at their eyes and you know what I meant. 

By the way, the movie have a good message to us, as a team, they must work together with one leader, we must respect each other, we all know every single person has a strong and a weakness, cowabunga! (their spirit yell…)



2 Responses to "TMNT Movie"

TMNT ga asik nyebutnya. DL gw waktu kecil biasanya bilangnya Ninja Turtle. Dan dr ke4 turtle gw paling demen sama Raphael. Lama ga nonton, pas nonton di bioskop filmnya lupa2 inget. Klw buat gw sendiri sich gw suka sama filmnya. Tp co gw kurang gt suka ditambah filmnya 3D. klw buat gw ga masalah mo 3D, cartoon, or asli orang yang maen :p
masih inget lagi dl waktu jamannya Sega gw maen game turtle sampe tamat seharian maen 😉

@du2ts… g juga main tuh 🙂

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