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I want Apple! MacBook,iPod,iPhone and now… Apple TV!

Posted on: March 24, 2007

Apple TV

I think Apple very understand how to sell their product, 1st from their design, technology and the most importan is functions… everybody love Apple?! maybe..

How Apple TV works?!

1. Download what do you want to watch from iTunes.

2. Syncronize wirelessly from your mac / pc to Apple TV.

3. Grab a PopCorn and watch at your widescreen TV.

hold on… they said download?! oh no, it cann’t work for Indonesian people, as we know Indonesia internet infrastructure is very … 😦 so how can I enjoy the Apple TV right now?! hahaha… whatever, but if I’m living in the country with fast internet connection, I will make sure you can see that thing on my room! 🙂

for more details about Apple TV click Here!


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