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Quartal Rewards!

Posted on: March 21, 2007


This afternoon I heard something new challenge on my job, my bos said “This quartal, the sales who can get sell more than others will be get a rewards!” and the 1st rewards is trip to Korea and the 2nd is Xbox 360… actually we all said “ahhh… I wanna be number 2” hahaha… for me it both is a good rewards, if I can get anything from one of them, it’s ok…

xbox 360I think go to Korea will be a great experience, since I never go there and I love travelling arround the world starts from Asia first, but… we are going to Korea not just for holiday or fun, maybe half a day we must go to sales house summit, it’s like a training/seminar for us, that’s why the 1st rewards is a little … … … yeah u know what i means. And then Xbox 360 is a cool gadget, one of the most wanted console game, the others is PS3 or WII. So from now, with rewards or not, ofcourse I must sell as much as posible.

Actually for the next quartal I’m already have 21% from my target, so I must get 79% again to achieve, good starts eh? 🙂 Remember I’m the lucky one rite?! hahaha… *Optimistic.

Oh I think better I updated the OrangeDreams about this challenge… Ganbate!


4 Responses to "Quartal Rewards!"

ayo minta your boss beli xbox360 nya di gua yah!! dijamin puas dah!! OCE OCE 🙂

@mey… xboxnya gratisan dari microsoftnya langsung :p

huhuhu.. mau Dua2nya.. tp misal dapet salah satu jg ga rugi.. rugi klw ga dapet rewards sama sekali..
Ciayoo dutz menangin rewards na..
gw doain u menang rewards yg ke 1 trip to Korea.. biar beliin gw oleh2 heh.. :p

@orel… hahaha thanks… iya deh ntar kalo g ke korea g kasih oleh2… dvd korea… :p

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