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My Birthday :)

Posted on: March 13, 2007

Today is my birthday, the first person say happy birthday to me is my girlfriend Tatha, tonight we are having fun with dinner at romantic place side at the beach, and then we go to karaoke. Thanks Tha, you giving me one of the best day in my life, hope the next and next year I can celebrate my birthday always be with you. *actually she don’t know I like bloging here. :p After that my friends at home  *we rent a house together. give me salutation, and then my mobile phone ring-ring because new messages incoming from my other friends.

I wanna say thank you for God, giving me 26 years to enjoy this beautiful world, and if You don’t mind I want more & more long time again to make something good arround me. Thank you for my parents at heaven *dad, mam, i’m growing now, don’t worry, everything ok, i miss u all, and love you all always. Thank you for Tatha, you are so nice, kind, beautiful in out and heart, patient, understand me, support me, funny and interesting, you are the best for me. Thanks to my friends, Andi, Nde2, Qi2, Iming, Mo2 *the stupid dog. Thanks to my friends who send me messages, i’m very appreciated.

Now i’m gonna sleep, because 2morrow i have to go to client, and then at 07.00 PM me and all my office included my bos from Singapore going to dinner together and karaoke *again?! I’m very lucky, it’s like a party for me because it’s accidental happen at this day. Have u guys have a good sleep and nice dream, then wake up with fresh and good day 2morrow. Nite2.


5 Responses to "My Birthday :)"

Kok tiba-tiba ngepostnya pake bahasa Inggris? Go International nih ceritanya?! 😀

actually because i want to share for friends from another country, and maybe if u notice at OrangeDreams page there is one of my target to be more fluently speak english.

but don’t worry guys, i will post in dual languange… *if i’m not to lazy… :p

Go..GO O.Mood…
Wish u all the best larr…. ^^

Happy Birthday..
May God be with you, always. God bless you!

gak pake inggris , cukup pake indo 😀
moga moga sukses terus , umur panjang , rejeki terus berlimpah gak abis abis kae air terjun 😛 (bagi bagi gw Om ! heh )
dll dll deh ! sep…GBU !

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