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The Pursuit of HappyNess

Posted on: March 11, 2007

The Pursuit of HappyNessYes2… don’t say that is a typo at HappyNess, I know the word should be “Happiness” with i not y… but that is the movie title. :)a very good movie anyway, teach me more about life, especially how to fight, how to struggle, how to pursuit your happiness. I got the things from that movie :

  • Be happy always, no matter how bad your day, keep smiling to others, don’t show your sadness.
  • Try and trying harder when you failed, never give up, just try again and again, trust it then do it.
  • Keep praying when you feel so weak, pray is a good things for your mental & spirit.

The story used a flash back plot, tell about a man who has a wife and one kid, he is a sales for health scanner machine, and not a good sales person, because he have a problem to sell his product, then everything getting worse, his wife leave him, his have a problem about money, he must pay rent for a house, parking, tax and other things to live. But although he has a very hard time in his life, he always keep trying, show love to his boy, smile to others, never give up, keep running to pursuit his own happiness, and finally he found his happiness, being a broker and succesfully be a millionaire.

Sometimes we feel life is so unfair, life is so hard or life is so bad, when I feel like that usually I take a break, go to somewhere place which I can relax for a while, take a deep breath, and think what’s wrong? what should I do? slowly think about how to I can pass all the problem, choosed the best way, trust it, then do it.

to be continue… sleepy again… :p


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