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Pray for my parents

Today me. my brother & sisters go to the beach, not for fun like swimming or tanning under the sun, but we just pray for my father and mother in heaven. 6 years ago my father is gone, then 2 years later my mother, I really really miss my angry face of my father when I’m doing something stupid, and I miss the smile of my mother and she usualy say “it’s alright my boy, just don’t do that again next time…”

Nothing in this world can change my love for my parents, ofcourse I really love my sisters and brothers too, my cousin, my girfriend and some of my true friends.

“Father, mother, I’m alright here, miss u so much, just give me some advices from there if anything wrong with my life… God please take care of my parents, they are really good parents, ofcourse You knew it”

Hari ini saya, kakak laki-laki dan kakak perempuan saya pergi ke pantai, bukan untuk bersenang-senang seperti berenang atau berjemur di bawah sinar matahari, tetapi hanya berdoa untuk papa dan mama di surga. 6 tahun lalu papa saya pergi, 2 tahun kemudian mama, saya amat sangat merindukan wajah papa yang sedang marah ketika saya melakukan hal bodoh, dan saya juga merinduka senyuman mama dan biasanya berkata “ngga apa-apa, tapi jangan ulangi lagi lain kali…”

Tidak ada hal di dunia ini yang bisa mengubah cinta saya kepada mereka, tentu saja saya mencintai kakak-kakak saya juga, keponakan saya, pacar saya dan beberapa teman terdekat saya.

“Papa, mama, saya baik-baik disini, saya sangat merindukan kalian, tolong beri petunjuk dari sana jika saya melakukan sesuatu yang salah dalam hidup saya… Tuhan tolong jaga orangtua saya, mereka adalah orang tua yang baik, tentu saja Kamu mengetahuinya”

Flower for my parents



ok, I found this funny & creative picture on the internet… lol

Do Not Disturb!

If somebody create this one, don’t forget 1 for me… :p


Today I watched Babel movie, starring Brad Pitt, I can not say anything except excellent movie! please take your time to watch it friends, I can guaranteed we will learn something good for our life from that movie, for me I’m learning that every single decision that we make in our life, will be connected for our next moment either good or bad. So better think and think again before you decided something, because for example at that movie, small stupid things can bring a very big problem that u will regreted for the rest of your life.

Additional Notes : I remembered about other good points from that movie, that points is whoever we are, young / old, what is our race, what is our power, etc. we have own problem in our life, always try to fight with all your strength, try to stay at the right way, if you needed you can ask your best friends/family, don’t do anything stupid that can make yourself and yourlife more worst.

The other point is when you have enough time to spent with somebody that you loved, just enjoy and spent well, say it, prove it, show it with all your whole heart and honestly, because if your time is came, nothing can replace all that things.

Hari ini saya baru saja selesai menonton Babel, dibintangi oleh Brad Pitt, Saya tidak bisa berkata apa2 selain film yang luar biasa bagusnya! silahkan sediakan waktu untuk menonton ini teman, Saya berani menjamin kita akan belajar sesuatu yang bagus untuk kehidupan kita dari film tersebut, buat saya sendiri, saya belajar setiap keputusan kecil yang kita buat dalam hidup kita, akan berhubungan dengan kejadian berikutnya baik itu bagus atau jelek. Jadi sebaiknya pikir dan pikirkan lagi sebelum kamu memutuskan sesuatu, karena seperti contohnya didalam film tesebut, tindakan kecil yang bodoh dapat membawa masalah yang amat besar yang bisa membuat kamu menyesal seumur hidup sepanjang hidup kamu.

Catatan tambahan : Saya baru ingat ada point bagus lainnya yang saya pelajari dari film tersebut, yaitu siapapun kita tidak mengenal muda / tua, dari ras apa, pangkat, dsb. pasti memiliki masalah sendiri-sendiri dalam hidupnya, cobalah untuk menghadapi masalah tersebut, berjuanglah sebisa mungkin ke arah yang benar, mintalah bantuan orang terdekat/orang lain jika memang membutuhkan, jangan melakukan hal bodoh yang bisa membuat kamu makin hancur.

Point yang lain adalah jika kamu saat ini mempunyai cukup waktu untuk dihabiskan dengan orang2 yang kamu kasihi, nikmati / habiskanlah dengan sebaik mungkin, nyatakan, buktikan, tunjukan dengan sepenuh hati dan tulus, karena jika waktunya tiba, tidak akan ada yang bisa menggantikan semua itu.

Guys, this blog category special from me to know more about you, since I feel we are friends, although some of you maybe just a “virtual” friends only but still I want to know more about you, perhaps if we can share another common things, we can make more better relationship from this blog at the future *actually I’m also don’t like being one man who just talk talk and talk here, so now if me or you or us have questions about you, I’m all ears. thanks 🙂

Teman2, kategori blog ini spesial dari saya untuk lebih mengenal tentang kalian semua, karena saya merasa kita adalah teman, meskipun beberapa dari kalian hanya sebagai teman “virtual” tetapi tetap saja saya ingin lebih mengenal tentang kalian lebih lagi, mungkin jika kita bisa sharing hal lain yang mendasar, kita bisa membuat hubungan yang lebih baik dari blog ini untuk masa yang akan datang *sejujurnya saya juga tidak suka jadi orang yang kayaknya cuman ngomong ngomong dan ngomong disini, jadi sekarang jika saya atau kamu atau kita semua ada pertanyaan2 tentang kalian, saya akan bertanya dan mendengarkan dengan baik. 🙂

Are u happy?

Ok then first question “Are u happy now?” (today or this week) please share with us why?

Oke pertanyaan pertama “Apakah kamu bahagia sekarang? (hari ini atau minggu ini) tolong share dengan kita kenapa?

I’m all ears, just write what’s your feeling 🙂

Saya akan menyimak dengan baik, tulis saja apa yang kamu rasakan 🙂

Hannibal RisingThis weekend, as usual I spent my free time with doing something just for relax, read my favorite magazines, read book, watch movie at home with dvd that i bought last week *non original dvd, in Indonesia is easy to get that and very cheap, arround $0.5 :pI watch Hannibal Rising first then Pan’s Labyrinth movie, Hannibal Rising tell us about how Hannibal Lecture can be canibalism, he love his sister Mischa very much, his parents die when they are moving because of war, Hannibal & Mischa still just a child and they are arrested by immoral group of people who is starving and ate Mischa.

From there, Hannibal take a revenge, one by one he is hunting them, until the last scene we will watch how Hannibal is a very cold murder & sadist. I didn’t get the positif point from this movie, because it’s all about revenge, i don’t like revenge because I think there is never end in revenge. Maybe this movie want tell us, revenge is bad thing!

Pan’s LabyrinthThe second movie is Pan’s Labyrinth, good animation & fiction movie I think, better than Narnia, but still can not win the Harry Potter, tell us about 1 girl who didn’t like her fosther father because her father is a bad guy, when in a road to his father house, she found a fragment stone and she mounted to a strange statue, and then the story began.

She meet strange creature like a tinker bell at Peterpan, and the tinker bell guide her to meet creature half sheep half man, and she must finish the 3 test, she can not finished the test easily because her father is know something wrong with her, at the last movie, she is dead shoot by her fosther father, but she found another world (maybe heaven) and she meet with real father and she became a princess there. This movie has a good point about persitent from temptation.

Ahhh now time to kick some ass ball… Futsal! 🙂 have a nice weekend everybody!

Apple TV

I think Apple very understand how to sell their product, 1st from their design, technology and the most importan is functions… everybody love Apple?! maybe..

How Apple TV works?!

1. Download what do you want to watch from iTunes.

2. Syncronize wirelessly from your mac / pc to Apple TV.

3. Grab a PopCorn and watch at your widescreen TV.

hold on… they said download?! oh no, it cann’t work for Indonesian people, as we know Indonesia internet infrastructure is very … 😦 so how can I enjoy the Apple TV right now?! hahaha… whatever, but if I’m living in the country with fast internet connection, I will make sure you can see that thing on my room! 🙂

for more details about Apple TV click Here!

Look at this… me & my team who won at Media Works III Bangkok 2007 at magazine, I don’t know what kind of mags i’m not received yet, my friend Michael at Hongkong read and scan the mags, so happy, we are great guys, see u again december at Hongkong, and we will have fun ’till drop. hahaha…

Media Stars

if you wanna read what they wrote about Media Works III and us click Here!